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So yeah, kinda awkward to be writing to you. I haven't talked to you since almost a year?  But I do feel like there are things that I should apologize for.  I'm sorry for being such a female dog to you.  I was just so upset.  I thought I loved him. Thought. I was so upset that 7 months had gone to waste.   I was upset that he was going to throw it all away for you.  I was upset that you were allowing it.  But in reality, I was the most upset with myself for having such an ultimately meaningless realtionship and not realizing it for so long.  But I don't hate you, by no means, not even close.  I respect you.  He was not the one for me.  And he makes you so happy.  I respect that, and I am happy that you guys have found something so rare at such a young age.  I know you don't particularly like me, and will probably  hate me for saying this too,  but being in both yours and Lauren's position now, I see why you did what you did.  It's a hard position to be in, equally as hard as it was for me to be in the position that I was with you.   I guess I'm not asking for you to forgive me or anything, I know this apology is probably meaningless to you and is about one year too late, but I just wanted to say these things. And I didn't just realize this either, it just took me this long to finally say it.


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