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Did I ask you for anything except; friendship. That is the only thing I REALLY want. All I ever wanted in life was a friend to sit there with me, listening to my problems, put up with the sucky parts of my life because they knew it'd get better, put up with my crying, put up with my constant boy-talk, make me laugh when I'm sad, take me to my favorite stores and eat all my candy, make me feel wanted, talk to him for me because you love me that much, make me realize I can't have everything, be my best friend and only mine, not be friends with the people I hated, be happy for me when something amazing happens, cry WITH me, help me with homework, let me help you, share secrets, trust me, not talk about me, be there for me WHENEVER I NEED YOU, not make me feel stupid, like the same things I do, make me think I'm super cool in public when I'm really lookin' lame, I want you to give me hugs no matter whos around, make amazing inside jokes ONLY we get, realize when YOU'RE wrong, not think you're ALWAYS right, be cool around my family, not think I'm crazy, obsessive, weird, ugly, etc., etc.; yes, I do have high expectations for the bestest friend. No, I don't think he or she is hard to find. Yes, I thought  you were that friend. No, you're not.

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Never Did I ask you for anything except; friendship. That is

7 faves · 2 comments · Feb 4, 2012 12:04am

Girl With a Cat Head*


Girl With a Cat Head*



Phoeberuns · 8 years ago
i am always here to talk to, no matter what, stay strong, your beautiful♥
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CutieForever1 · 8 years ago
If you wanna talk I'm here for you and ill be a friend
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