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               April 16, 2023
               Name: Mick Doyle

               Gender: Male

               Age: 34

               Wanted for: Murder, Assault
               Mission: Kill the President


            3:47 A.M  

The basement was suprisingly comfortable tonight, despite the dark and dreary scenery it provided.

I sat at the desk, beer in hand, working eagerly on my latest project. The gunshots and cries blaring from the 

television to my right helped me focus my thoughts. They were sounds of success. I turned up the volume a 

bit more. It was a military movie, it showed how vulnerable army men truly are; how easy to fool. I jotted

down everything, for I would be needing it later.

I sat alone, running the near future through my head. I glanced over to the corner of my desk, my

silver gun glistening in the dim lamp light. I nodded to myself, lost in thought, and chuckled.

"I won't lose this time."

I had been caught before, it's true. Did my time in jail, and learned a thing or two along the way. And

these things would be the key to my victory in just a few short weeks. 

I threw my pencil down and leaned back in my chair. I guzzled the beer, down to the last drop. I lifted the 

papers and held them to my face.

"Mickey 'ol boy, you are a genius." I grumbled, scanning over my well set plan.

"An absolute genius."

I placed them carefully with my latest discovery; the discovery that will end it all. I hoped the FBI wasn't

missing their "Top Secret" documents too much. It was mine now.

I clicked off the lamp and peered out my window at the New York skyline.

"Goodnight, Mr. President," I grinned slyly, staring at the glowing sky.

"I'll see you soon."

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Confidential Prologue April 16, 2023 Name: Mick Doyle Gender:

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Joojoobees2011 · 9 years ago
its good make another chapter!
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KKFrogface · 9 years ago
Sounds awesome!!!(:
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Kayleebabyy · 9 years ago
Its Good Hun (:
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SiriuslyStunned · 9 years ago
Its good, it really is.
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PervertedUnicorn · 9 years ago
Its really Good. c:
Keep going.
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AbbyOlivia · 9 years ago
It's awesome!
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Amanda721 · 9 years ago
its good so far you should keep going
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CutieForever1 · 9 years ago
Love it! You should defiantly keep going!(:
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Snowflakes113 · 9 years ago
That sounds really good! It's so different from other stories and it sounds really cool. Can't wait to read the first chapter (:
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bgsoccer93 · 9 years ago
Its good!!!!! It isnt really my syle but i reaally like it:)
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soccerfreak99 · 9 years ago
Sounds like a GREAT story. U should continue on :) it would get lots of likes
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CatchinStars50 · 9 years ago
i would like more of this!
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swagginitup96 · 9 years ago
its relllyy goood. keep goingg!
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WishDream16 · 9 years ago
This is really good! I hope you will continue on with it
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