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Why are People who self-harm "weird"?

Lets see you bring a blade to your wrist and cry yourself to sleep, then wake up  the next day like your perfectly fine.
Lets see you try to hide all your pain behind a simple smile.
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Why are People who self-harm "weird"? Lets see you

23 faves · 3 comments · Jan 11, 2012 9:58pm






PinkPuddle235 · 1 decade ago
what's the point of cutting yourself ? i think people think its weird b/c it doesnt make sense to hurt yourself while your already hurt. the point is to get better, not the opposite.
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fckh8rs · 1 decade ago
i completely agree with you it's like a tabooed subject and if you do it ur so weird........which is not right at all
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soccerbabe7436 · 1 decade ago
i know, i self-harm.. but like i don't see why people care so much
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