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A - Available?yes 
B - Birthday?November 10
 C - Crushing on?Tim
D - Drink you last had?Iced Tea
E - Easiest person to talk to?Kamila
F - Favorite song?anything Jonas Brothers
G - Gummy bears or gummy worms?Gummy bears
H - Hometown?Chicago
I - In love with?Tim i think
J - Jealous of?no one right now
K - Killed someone?no
L - Longest car ride?16 hours
M - Milkshake flavor?strawberry
N - Number of siblings?2
O - One wish?to lose weight in the healthy way
P - Person you texted last?Monika
Q - Question you are always asked? is your hair naturally straight?
R - Reason to smile?there are people who love me
S - Song you last listened to? Stronger - Kelly Clarkson
T - Time you woke up?11:30
U - Underwear color?blue

  V - Violent moment you had?in a car accident
W - Worst habit?procrastinating
X - X-rays you had?ankle and foot
Y - Yoyos are?amazing and freaking cool
Z - Zodiac sign?Scorpio
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A - Available?yes B - Birthday?November 10 C - Crushing on?Tim

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