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•nice song, if i can get 30+ like in one week in this comment, i'll hug her and say "i can't live without her"

•god i miss her so much :/ she moved on and it cuts me like a knife if i get 30 likes ill tell her how much i miss her and it kills me when i see her with him :(

•if it get 30 likes i will use mi college money , to go to see him !

•He knew I loved him, but things like that don't matter. I don't know know whats worse, that I can never have him? Or that he isn't even taken.

•wat sux i was listing to this song an my gf text its over ive been cheating on you.....we were together 6 year.......fml

•oh my god i'm crying...

•i really love this music!!! it made me cry!! it really hit me straight to my heart!! shucks!!! i cant help it.. it reminds me about the song white horse..

•I love you         , honestly if I were to explain the thoughts that run through my head because of you it would be nothing short of cheesy... butterflies in stomach, heels over head, those cute animal pictures which always have the bulging heart eyes. I wish I could express my feelings towards you with a word stronger than love because my heart is ripping at the seams and love is just too simple of a word.

Forever and always,

Your Raging Psycho Girlfriend <3


It's a powerful


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•nice song, if i can get 30+ like in one week in this

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DiaDeath happy birthday!



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