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DAY TWELVE; letter to someone who causes you a lot of pain.

Kim Yamaguchi;

great. So here it goes. I hope you don't hate me after this. There's that part of me that really hates you because of how much pain you caused me. The other parts of me are dying, crying, trying to survive, and still loves you. I gave up my chances with another guy for you. I always wait for that moment for you to text me first so I feel like you actually want to talk to me. Whenever I text you first I feel like I'm just annoying Remember when you said you would love me till the last rose in a dozen of fake roses die? YEAH. i think about that every single night. Someone that I was talking to said that I should make you feel guilty. But I don't because I love you so much. I litterly can't concentrate on anything. Last night I spent 3 hours doing 10 math problems. I just can't tell if you still love me or not. I told Kenny how much you mean to me. FINALLY YOU NOTICE THAT I HAVEN'T BEEN THE SAME SINCE WE BROKE UP. I litterly feel like I'm close to dying. I never cried over a guy. I never felt this much pain over a breakup. You really mean the most to me. Also, the one that causes me the most pain. I don't know but maybe that's the reason why I have chest pains. I hope you don't hate me. </3

love; Cindy.

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DAY TWELVE; letter to someone who causes you a lot of pain. Kim

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