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DAY ELEVEN; letter to a 

deceased person you wish 

you could talk to.

Christine; [1996-2009]

we didn't talk much. I gotta 

admit that. You were a 

gorgeous girl. I can't believe

I didn't have the chance to

get to know you better. </3

We used to talk back in

elementary school. TBH; 

I start crying whenever I 

think of you. It's crazy. 

Knowing how you touch so

many peoples lives. 

I remember seeing Maryann

sit out of class crying. 

You meant a lot to people. 

I really wished we had a 

chance to talk so I could of 

helped you. 

Well R.I.P angel. <3

Heart; Cindy.


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DAY ELEVEN; letter to a deceased person you wish you could

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