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Guys, I need your help.
 So I guess I'm in a bit of a sticky situation. I don't know what to do and I really need advice. So here's the story: This guy named Josh liked me, and last night I told him the I didn't like him in that way, and that I liked someone else. Then he got me to tell him who that someone was, and it's Garrett, his best friend. Josh said he'd talk to Garrett about me and see what he thinks, because even though his heart is broken, Josh still wants me to go out with Garrett so I'll be happy. He talked to Garrett and Garrett said that he would consider it and that he might like me too. And then all today Garrett was looking at me and acting strangely. But that's just one part of the problem. The other thing, is that I've liked this other boy, Brian, for about 7 years now. He's just kind of always been in the back of my mind, I've liked and gone out with other boys. Oh, and Brian's also my best friend. Last year, Brian liked me and he was going to ask me out, but then I started going out with this other boy, but that doesn't matter in this story. Anyways, Brian stopped liking me once I started going out with this other boy last year. And I feel like it might be the same this year, and I don't want the same thing to happen if I go out with Garrett. I like Garrett and I want to go out with him and I probably have a better chance with him than I do with Brian. But I don't know whether I should continue waiting for Brian, or go for Garrett, and that's where I need your help.
Please please please please comment and give me advice. If you have any questions, ask. And if you want to know their discriptions, I can tell you.

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Guys, I need your help. So I guess I'm in a bit of a sticky

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CarliBarley · 8 years ago
Brian is your bestfriend right? And you 'like' garrett. This kind of thing happend to me. i'd go for garrett. if hes your best friend, he'll be happy for you.
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SoftyFrostySnowman · 8 years ago
Who Says You Have To Choose Right This Second? Think About It A Little Longer And Really Sort Out Your Feelings :)
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Niesha_ · 8 years ago
Garrett , you dont wanna ruin your friendship with Brian.
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emma21 · 8 years ago
i honestly think you should consider josh. if he'd do that for you, even if you just broke his heart, then there's something special about him that not a lot of guys have.
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MayWinner · 8 years ago
Um, well I don't know the guys and I'm not you, so I'm afraid I can't tell you who's right, but here's my advice:
Who do like more? Who do you trust more? Who will always be there no matter what?
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Shelby1998 · 8 years ago
Hello,I think you should ask Brian If he likes you or not and if he does then its up toyou to chose who is most important:)
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alinka_kalinka · 8 years ago
BRIAN in my opinion :) ♥
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liveitupkeeplaughing · 8 years ago
aww hon. well, u could wait for brian becausse if u know him better, maybe its best becausse u understand one another better. plus since hes always in the back off ur mind, so maybe thats an indication that hes the one for u. but, u really seem to like this guy garrett and if u really really like him, give it a shot and if brians a good friend, he'll try not to make it come between u, and u have to try and make that not happen, too. josh also seems kindoff sweet becausse he wants u too be happy. just, follow your heart, hon. its not always right, but thatts ok, thats whyy its on ur left side(:
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YaMum · 8 years ago
I would of waited for Brian, but it's your choice(:
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dontmindme · 8 years ago
i went for garrett guys, hes my boyfriend now(:
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soccergirl2579 · 8 years ago
I'm in the same situation... choosing between 2 boys. It's extremely hard. I'vee been liking this boy for 4 years & then there's this other guy who I just started liking, but we're really close friends. I'm considering going for the guy I'm really close friends with only because the guy that I liked for 4 years... he hasn't made a move yet. Who says he's gonna make the move soon. He once liked me before too, so considering he didn't make the move, I don't know if I'm gonna hang on much longer. If that made any sense, I'm trying to say go for Garrett.
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xomkxo143 · 8 years ago
talk to brian about it
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silentlyinlove · 8 years ago
talk to brian about it, hes your best friend so he'll understand!!
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OurVentingPlace · 8 years ago
Josh. Deffinetly agree with "youaremineforeverandalways"
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hdohertyloves · 8 years ago
its up to you. its not which one you want, its which one you need
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lizzie4zayn · 8 years ago
you obvioulsy like brian as a bestfriend :) go out with Garrett♥
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simply_impossible · 8 years ago
i think you should Garret because if Brian really did like you he would've made a move or something , and no matter who you choose , good luck and i hope you two are very happy together ♥ :]
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inspire14 · 8 years ago
i think go out with brian. tell how you really feel for him and since he's your bestfriend the relationship could go reallly good!(: goodluck
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madeleinemargaret · 8 years ago
I faved this cause my surname is garrett.. I didn't actually read the story o.O
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tennis4life24 · 8 years ago
i think brian.. TELL him u like him go 4 it...
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