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At First Sight
Chapter 1

(at Michelle's house after the dance)

"HA! hahahaha! Oh my gosh! Juliet, please tell me you're joking! Scott O'Brien? HAHAHAHA!" Michelle burst into laughter. Michelle also went to Rideway. "Are you desperate?! Haha Scott!"
"I don't know what it is about him. I just like him, okay? Don't make fun of me. I could name strange people that you've liked. Jack Lawyer?" I retorted.
"Oh shut up! That was months ago!"
We both gossiped, snacked, and giggled the rest of the night. A fun sleepover was just what I needed after a night of complete embarrassment.
That Monday, all the girls were talking about their new boyfriends from Rideway. "Oh he's sooo cute! My boyfriend's over 5 foot! My boyfriend and I kissed already!" they all squealed. I pretended to think they were stupid whores, but I was secretly so jealous. I wanted Scott to be mine. I couldn't stop thinking about him. His eyes, his voice, his face, his everything. I was making up stupid scenarios in my brain. One was about our wedding. Another, about us walking hand-in-hand on a beach, listening to waves crash near our feet.
"Jules!" Cassie pranced over to me, interrupting my daydreams. I barely got to see you at the dance! I had so much fun! Did you have a good time?"
"Huh? Oh yea. So, a lot of people have new boyfriends and like people from Rideway." I said, trying to hint that I was completely and madly in LOVE with her cousin.
She didn't take the hint. "Oh yea. I didn't really like anyone." Cassie was perfect. She had long brown hair and ice blue eyes. She had the perfect figure and expensive clothes. She was popular, and had a popular boyfriend. The best part about her was that she was insanely nice.
"Really? Well, almost everyone liked someone." This time I think she got the hint.

Hey guys! I love to write mysteries/scifi/horror and all that jazz. But i decided to write a love story and share it with witty (since I know you guys love that stuff) I'm fairly new to writing love stories so please feel free to constructively criticize me! But please don't ridicule. I really hope you guys like it(: please don't jock this!!

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At First Sight Chapter 1 (at Michelle's house after the dance)

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antoninaxoxo · 9 years ago
check out parts 1 and 2 of the prolouge if you haven't seen them already(:
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