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 At First Sight

(years back at the 6th gade dance)
"Where is Cassie?" I thought to myself. " Damn it. She never makes it to things on time." I was standing awkwardly by myself at our school dance while some piece of crap music was playing. This dance wasn't just any dance. It was the most important dance of our whole 6th grade year. It was when our school and the other elementary school in our area both had our dance together. It was a HUGE deal to us. 
"Juliet! Cassie is here! She's looking for you." Michelle shouted over the loud music. Michelle had been my best friend since kindergarden. Cassie and I had only been best friends since this year.
I ran up to Michelle and gave her a squeeze. "Hey there girly! I'll seen you in a bit. I just gotta find Cassie." I looked for her the best i could, but it was kind of hard because those shoes were squeezing the life out of my feet.
"Jules!!" My head whipped around. I saw Cassie and smiled.
Then standing next to her, was a boy. I could feel my eyes widen, my heart quickly drop to my stomach, and my lungs searching for air. My heart started beating fast. I never felt this way before. I was deffinately in love.

Hey guys! I love to write mysteries/scifi/horror and all that jazz. But i decided to write a love story and share it with witty (since I know you guys love that stuff) im fairly new to writing love stories so please feel free to constructivley critisize me! But please don't ridcule. I really hope you guys like it(: please don't jock this!! 

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At First Sight Prolouge (years back at the 6th gade dance) "Where

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