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1. Are you in a relationship? Yupp(: 2. What shoes are you wearing? I'm lacking in the shoe category(: 3. Song you are listening to? Grace Kelly(: Mika! 4. Are you happy? Very! 5. Last time you were really mad? Last weekend, 6. Do you want anyone? Yes, Kris, Here, Now! 7. Does anyone want you? Duhh(: 8. Want someone who doesn't want you? negatory ghostrider(: 9. Last time you were kissed/who? Yesterday by Kristopher Allen Amell(: 10. Next time you will kiss that same person? Tomorrow(: 11. Married or want to get married? Want to get marriedd. 12. Have kids or want to have kids? Want kids,fersure(: 13. Next time you are going out? Tomorrow morning for school(: 14. Who with? My fam?(: 15. Last time you were complimented? Sometime today(: 16. Last compliment you gave? I told him something along the lines of.. "You are the best boyfriend ever and I love oyu(: And right now you are probably smiling because you read that and you ust look adorable because your dimples are showing(:" 17. Think you're attractive? Yupp(: 18. Who was your last email from? Victoria's secret(: 19. Last Text? "Really?! That would be amazing! Where?" Boyfriend found a ahouse in town(: 20. Miss anyone? Yeaaah. 21. Anyone miss you? DEfinitley(: 22. Want to or like to be single? Nope. 23. What would you change in your life? Nope(: 24. Who would you want to be? Myself(:
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1. Are you in a relationship? Yupp(: 2. What shoes are you wearing?

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