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0 faves · 3 comments · Nov 6, 2011 10:00am






xxjewlzxx · 1 decade ago
had this problem a year ago, i still like him. even though i have a new guy that likes me back it was my first love. those feelings never go away...but keep your head up! who knows what prince charming awaits you :) *sorry for being corny ;) *
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phiphixoxo · 1 decade ago
meeanddyouubothh girrl! justt try distracting yourself! andd yeah it doesn't always work but eventually, it'll go away! i would no! im just barely getting over this boy that i've liked for like EVER. instead of looking at all the good in him, focus on all the bad. i know it sounds terrible but if you want to get over him, try that! and if you don't want to get over him and you want to like go out with him or whatever, talk to him. a lot. and eventually, he'll realize how amazing you probably are! GOOD LUCK GIRLIE! witty's here for ya!<3(:
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r3gzzzb33 · 1 decade ago
I have the same problem, read my story on my page!! My supposvely "bff" makes fun of every boy i like/date but i reaallly like this one kid, I say follow and keep on liking him!!#BEST_OF_LUCK!
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