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promisethestars · 1 decade ago
sometimes people cant get over being treated badly because of the history they have..when their girlfriend or boyfriend treat them bad they tend to look towards the better memories, even if its years before. but then something new comes along & that something new can have better & more good memories than that something theyve always had. i guess what im trying to say is, if you want to be more, just take your time showing him you can be better as more. one day they realize that the something new is better than what theyre use to. & hopefully, for your sake & theirs, they go with the best, not the known. if you want it to be more, go for it girl. who can resist your random crazy moments & your charm? no one. (:
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RachieThoughts · 1 decade ago
man idk.. hes so awesome. but ive only known him for 4 months. hes known her for years :/
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naomileigh23 · 1 decade ago
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