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                                        Stand Out From the Others...
chaptr 33
                                (Tori's P.O.V)

                                         It was weird, I didn't know where I was, I was just some where inside my mind.

It didn't feel right though, I felt light and lifeless, I heard all this screaming and crying but I didn't know where it was coming from.

                                          I didn't know who it was,  or why they were crying, I just knew that they were very sad.

 I was in the dark, with one little spotlight on me, I couldn't see anything or anybody, but my memories came in front of me like a movie.

                                           The times I had when I was little, the embarrassing times I had growing up, the fights I had with Drew.

 What does all this have to do with anything, then the memories of Nicole and Drew, Matt, Josh, and me came up.

                                                  I remember those times, when Matt and Josh played around alot we used to go to the beach with them alot.

We had better times then, we the guys didn't give us a hard time, I hadn't met Jason until we started middle school.

                                                                The end of 8th grade, the guys wanted to celebrate, us moving on to high school with them.

We went roller blading, Nikki and I were talking and skating around together, my favorite song came on.

                                                                      I went a little faster, and tried to backwards skate a little, I looked at her she looked worried.

I was doing fine until I turned a corner, the lace to my skate cane undone, I tried to turn around but it got stuck.

                                                           I almost crashed into people but somebody picked me up and set me at a booth an fixed my skate.

I said thanks when he finished and stared into his eyes, I had a strong feeling that he was the right one for me.

                                                     Tears fell down my face at the memory, my tears glistening like diamonds,  I screamed, THIS DOESN'T TELL ME WHY I'M HERE!

I got up and punched at the walls,   seeing as it didn't help anything, I walked back to my corner with the spotlight in it.

                                                 I wanted to die, why was I here? Where am I? Why am I being tortured with my own memories?

I  started to try to use my fingers to cut my self, when I heard my brother's voice, it was faint and he was crying.

                                              He said things about Nicole, I wish I could give him a hug right now he needs it, being brave.

                                          (Jason's P.O.V)
They were running tests, they need to hurry I  want to be with Tori! Drew: Jason calm down, he pulled my arm back into the chair and made me sit.

                                                   Jason: I want to be by her side, I want to be the first person she sees when she wakes up.

I had a call from my mom, I walked outside, Jason: what? Michelle: where are you? Sara is over waiting, we've been waiting for a while.

                                           Jason: mom I'm at the hospital, Michelle: are you alright!? What are you doing there?

Jason: T-Tori's in a coma, I couldn't help but break down, I've done it 3 times since we've been here.

                                                   Jason: we're waiting for her to wake up, I just want to be by her side right now, Michelle: well she might die, so there's no use hoping and waiting.

Come home now, Jason: MOM I'M NOT GOING HOME! Don't you understand how serious this is for me? To see Tori hooked up to these wires and machines, calculating if she'll die or wake up or even if she stays in the coma.

                                                      You guys loved Tori, she was the right one for me, and I don't care if she has alot of money or not, if you can't accept me loving her, then I guess there is no reason for me to stay with you guys.

I pressed end, and walked back inside, Nicole came up to me, Nicole: Jason, she's awake, I smiled and ran to her room.

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Stand Out From the Others...chaptr 33 (Tori's P.O.V) It was weird,

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