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                                              Stand Out From the Others...
chaptr 31

                                   (Jason's P.O.V)

                                               Tori, well let me say one thing, I loved having her as my girl.

She was the best, the girl my parents want me with, isn't worth my time, they only like her for her money.

                                                       Just because she happens to like me, I have to stop seeing Tori, but my parents loved Tori.

She was perfect to them, but it's like me being happy doesn't matter anymore, whats the point of it.

                                                      Just guess who it is, bleh Sara I don't like her, I mean she's nothing compared to my Tori.

I was in Tori's room enjoying the last of us, being boyfriend and girlfriend, I had her in my arms for one last night.

                                                               I was gonna miss her, everything all the times  we've had together, all the fights the things we did.

The nickname she gave me,  Mr. Sexxay, it was cute, but she was adorable Sara is nothing like that.

                                                           I don't want her to try to buy my love, I woke up and found Tori and Nicole together on one side of her bed.

I kissed her cheek and decided I would make breakfast for her, I went into Drew's room and knocked on his door.

                                                          Jason: hey uh Drew, I knocked on his door, he was up playing his ps3, his eyes were red.

I walked in and sat down next to him, Jason: hey you ok? He didn't answer,   I turned off his game and stood in front of him.

                                                        Drew: w-what d-do you want? Jason: whats wrong with you? Drew: JOSH HE-, oh thats right you were asleep in my sister's bed.

Drew: you know your breaking her heart, I mean she really loved you, and I'm not just saying so she really did.

                                                             She's probably trying to figure out what she's gonna do with out around, Jason: I know, I want to make her a big breakfast before I leave.

Jason: want to help? Drew: well it's for my little sis, I guess so, when went downstairs and got everything we needed.

                                                              The pancakes looked weird and were all different sizes, I tried to make one in the shape of a T, I was going to spell out Tori's name.

We didn't have enough batter, I got paper plates and put each pancake on a plate in order, so it spelled her name.

                                               I couldn't wait for her to see it, I ran upstairs to wake her up, I shook her, and tickled her.

Nothing worked she didn't wake up, I called Drew up here so he could help me, we couldn't wake her up.

                                            Tears fell from my face me thinking the worst happened, I had so many things going through my mind.

I hope she's ok...

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Stand Out From the Others...chaptr 31 (Jason's P.O.V) Tori, well

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