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tHeRes s0metHing aBoUt tHe Lo0k iN y0uR EyEs.. =)
.s0metHing i n0ticed wHen tHe Liight wAs just Right
`it ReminDed mE t w i i c e that ii wAs a L i v e ,
nd' it ReminDed mE that y0u'Re s0 woRth tHe fiigHt

iF Kis$es weRe staRs* iDe giVe y0u tHe sKy..
iF L o V e weRe teaRs - ide a L w a y s cRy
iF my heaRt weRe wateR ide give y0u the sEa
. . . aLwAys aNd f0reveR BaBy... [[y0u & mE]]

y0u cAn bE toLd that y0uR bEautiFuL eveRyday
n' peopLe sAy y0uR peRfect in eveRy wAyy =c)
but y0u d0nt beLieve it -- n0t foR 0ne minutE...
b.c tHe 0ne peRs0n y0u caRe f0r w0nt admit it.

- my miNd faiLs t0 unDerstAnd wHat my hEart teLLs me t0
do ; but stiLL i'D giVe up aLL i hAve ; juSt t0 be wiTh y0u!

-- wHen anqeLs 4 qEt h0w 2 fLii..
* wHen its 20 beLow 0 in juLy..
wHen vioLets r Red nd r0ses r bLue..
`tHat's wHen i'LL st0p Lo0ovin y0u!!

use ne' of them that you want (not taken credit!!)
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tHeRes s0metHing aBoUt tHe Lo0k iN y0uR EyEs.. =) .s0metHing

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