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Bruno Mars + Taylor Swift=

Singing Therapists

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Bruno Mars + Taylor Swift= Singing Therapists

305 faves · 4 comments · Sep 15, 2011 6:52pm






Kendo · 1 decade ago
soooooooooo true! did u know that bruno mars's real name is Peter Gene Hernandez?????
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cheerleader2899 · 1 decade ago
their all good !!! thanks for all the faves guys!!!!
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forgivetoforget · 1 decade ago
i dont really tihnk bruno mars's songs are that like therapeutical or whatever, i think more of the script ;b
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LoudLaugher · 1 decade ago
Landon Pigg, gotta add him too ♥ His voice is like butter to me. Haha, because it's smooth and gorgeous and amazing. You should look up falling in love at a coffee shop alternate version. Cutest thing ever =) Bruno Mars is awesome! Not a HUGE fan of Taylor but some songs are like, magic =) So yeah....
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