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kellymariesquarepantscullenjonas · 1 decade ago
Talk to your boyfriend. If things don't change maybe break up with him. Wait a little and then ask them out. But please, don't only ask them out based only on looks.
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mclaughlins · 1 decade ago
I think you should ask yourself if you still have feelings for your boyfriend. Tehn you should ask your boyfriend if he has feelings for you. And if you both dont then break up. If one does and the other one doesnt then you should still give it a chance. You should ask the guy you like the most (Jamie or Joe) if they like you back. i hope this helps<3
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musicluvart4ever · 1 decade ago
Dump your BF. If you feel like you're growing apart and you're starting to like other guys, it's the best thing to do. Why stay with someone you don't enjoy being with? And if your BF doesn't wanna break up then say that you wanna try and do more together and maybe you can have a better relationship and even kiss ;)
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oxoliviaxo · 1 decade ago
well ask ur bf whats wronggg and if he still has feelings for you? comment on my profile((:
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