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Makayla_XoXo · 1 decade ago
- I Think You should Just Let It Go If He's Your Bestfriend Then Wouldnt You Want Him To Be Happpy ? Let It Go && Whatever You Do You Dont want To Mess Your Friendship Up W / Him .
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cats_rule · 1 decade ago
could it be possible that your guy bf may have a crush on either you or your other friend? the friendship may be so close knit that he may be afraid to confront ya'll for fear that he may end up losing a great friendship? I say the three of you need to talk it out and put all in the open - clarify this situation, to avoid any further tension between a bunch of great friends!! : ).. *smile*
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hanifb99 · 1 decade ago
If you guys are/were really so close, tell him! Not in a mean way, just, you know ask how are things are going! Don't hurt him though!
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ldahl9468 · 1 decade ago
i think what i would do is just go with it and see what happens. and if it is really that bad just tell him how u feel about it...
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