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Grab your Phone. Got it ?!
-What kind is your phone?  at&t Quickfire (its a dinosaur)
-Who’s the last person you called? mom
-Who was your last missed call from? Chad
-Who is the 2nd person to come up under D?  Danielle M.
-Who’s the third person who comes up under E? I only have one E!
-Who was your last received call from? Spencer
-How many messages are currently in your inbox? 190
-What do you have as your background? Me and my boyfriend
-Who’s the 5th message in your inbox from? Spencer <3
-Who’s the first person who comes up under B? Ben!!!
-How many bars of signal do you currently have there? 1
-Who was your last message from? Buddy
-Who is the first name in your phone book? Alyssa
-Who is the last person in your phonebook? Zac Home
-Name every person you have text messages from in your inbox:  Spencer, buddy, Ivory, Kenz, Josh, Mom, Dad, Alyssa, Meghan, and Olivia
-Who’s the 5th person under A? 

-What does the 6th message on your outbox say:  (My friend said she saw an otter) Me: You otter take a picture of it! hahah!" 

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Grab your Phone. Got it ?! -What kind is your phone? at&t

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