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The Popular Group
Chapter 12.

Everyone talks about how there's mean girls at their school. But I bet they have never seen girls like this before.

Today was the day. Prom. And man was I nervous. Not because of Veronica, just going with Owen and facing everyone's comments about it. I put on my short light blue dress and curled my hair. Next I did my makeup. I walked downstairs gracefully. My mom looked very unhappy when she saw me.
"What?" I rolled my eyes.
"You don't need that much makeup. And you look like a brunette barbie," she frowned.
"Whatever mom! It's just prom," I crossed my arms over my chest.
"Where is this Owen guy? I need to meet him before you go anywhere," she said impatiently.
"He'll be here soon, calm down," I sighed.
There was a knock at the door. I ran over and opened it.
"Hi Owen!' I squealed and hugged him.
"Hey.. you look stunning," he smiled.
"Thanks, you too!" I giggled. I looked over at my mom who was frowning.
'Uhh, this is my mom," I said awkwardly. He nodded.
"You guys have fun," she smiled and walked away.
Wow. She let me off the hook!
I got into Ashton's car and we drove to prom.

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Short chapter .. sorry

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The Popular Group Chapter 12. Everyone talks about how there's

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