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so me and this guy are friends or friends with benefits and he wanted us to go father then what we were already doing so i tried to explain to him why i was scared to go father i was sitting on the floor and he was in the chair and he asked me why they were different i looked up at him and i said i really liked him an he said you don't like me i was like i didnt say that and he got off his chair and kissed me and i couldn't help but laugh while we kissed  then we started talking talking about dating and now im not sure if were dating on the dl hes a really nice guy but i don't know if i want to have to keep a realationship on the dl cuz i really wanna go to homecomig this year klailenfal but like he makes me smile and after we kiss i can never get that stupid smile off my face and hes so funny like if i could i would kiss him all day <3 what should i dooo 
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so me and this guy are friends or friends with benefits and he

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XoxGabigailxoX · 9 years ago
Well if he wants to keep a relationship on the dl, and not go public for a reason, then talk to him. it wouldnt be fair to you. tell him how you feel soon, or else hes gonna think your both on the same page. but cutee:) you must really like him if he makes you smile non stop:) but if he wants to go further and you dont, make it CLEAR to him. dont do anything you dont want to do, cuz it can make for a dangerous situation. be careful with him though
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xbeautifulx_Xnightmare · 9 years ago
I don't know your situation, or how much you really like the guy, but what you wrote, it kinda seems like he's just pretending to want to go out with you so you'll go farther : | I mean, I could be wrong, just don't let him talk you into doing anything you really don't want to do. YOU are in control of YOUR life.
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