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The Popular Group
Chapter 9.

Everyone talks about how there's mean girls at their school. But I bet they have never seen girls like this before.

I thought about them all day. Should I hang out with them? Or just stick with Sophie and Tyler? My mind felt like it would explode.
"Hey Jenna.." Tyler came up to me & interrupted my thought process.
"Oh, uh hey," I said nervously.
"So.. how's it going?" he asked, playing with his backpack straps.
"Alright, I guess," I said and scratched my head.
"I was wondering... do you have a date to the prom?" he asked while looking down at his feet.
"Um no," I frowned.
"Do you wanna go with me?" he smiled.
I thought for a second. Owen or Tyler? Ugh. It was a hard decision. I mean, it wasn't like Owen would ever ask me to the prom anyway.
"Yeah, sure," I said.
"Ok, cool! I'll talk to you later!" he smiled and walked away.
Guess we weren't just friends....?

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The Popular Group Chapter 9. Everyone talks about how there's

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WritingAway · 1 decade ago
This is great... I love it, really.. Keep writing.
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