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The Popular Group
Chapter 8.

Everyone talks about how there's mean girls at their school. But I bet they have never seen girls like this before.

I struggled out of bed and woke up to another horrible day. I rolled my eyes and got dressed. I put on a white v-neck and light blue jeans. I did my makeup and walked downstairs to the kitchen. There was no breakfast already made for me.
"MOM!"  I shouted.
"What?" she asked, obviously annoyed.
"Where's my breakfast!!?" I asked and crossed my arms over my chest.
"Make it yourself, I'm not making it," she rolled her eyes.
"Wow...." I laughed.
I opened our fridge and made myself a toaster strudel. I ate it very quietly and then grabbed my school bag.
"Let's go!!" I shouted to my annoying mother who takes to long in the morning.
She rolled her eyes and drove me to school.
I walked to my locker and saw Veronica, Natalie, & Reagan. I walked up to them.
"Hey guys," I smiled.
"What?" Veronica snapped.
"Can I talk to you for a sec?" I asked.
"Sure..." she sneered and walked down the hall with me.
"Did you say those things to my mom on purpose?" I asked.
"Yeah, I did," she rolled her eyes.
"Why?!" I quietly shouted.
"Listen, I saw you eyeing Owen yesterday. He's mine. So, back off. I said those things to your mom because of that. We can still be friends, just stay away from him. Kay?" she warned.
"O-oh, ok," I stuttered.
"Alright, see you later." she rolled her eyes and walked off.
I really did have a crush on Owen.

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The Popular Group Chapter 8. Everyone talks about how there's

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