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Am I Crazy?

-i can still hear his voice.
-I can still smell his cologne.
-I can picture his smile.

-I can show you all the sweet texts he sent me.
-I can name random facts about him.
-I can tell you his deepest secrets.

-I can still feel his hugs and kisses.
-I can still sing every word of our song.
-I can still remember the feel of his hand in mine.

-I can still picture his eyes when I close mine.
-I can tell you my dreams of him.
-I can tell you our memories.

-I can list our goals we were going to accomplish together.
-I can tell you I love him.

Even though he's gone now.

Am I Crazy?

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♥♥ Am I Crazy? -i can still hear his voice. -I

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aly2013 · 8 years ago
at least i'm not alone :/
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xbeautifulx_Xnightmare · 8 years ago
It's been almost a year now and I'm still haunted by his memory. It's maddening.
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