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415 faves · 174 comments · Jul 31, 2011 4:07pm






moo · 8 years ago
So trueeee. And so many people aree like "theres a t-swift song for everything'....no, there isn't one for when you hit your shin on the coffee table or making pizza or when you don't want to do homework. Thanks for thiss

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I_Am_Only_Me · 8 years ago
ok so maybe the majority of her songs are like that, but those are the types of songs that girls can relate too. so shut the hell up. taylor has helpd so many girls get through tough breakups and other problems and your basicly saying that she shouldnt help these people. so, again shut the hell up
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Hoodiegurll9186 · 8 years ago
tayswift is amaising. her & her music has helped me with my depression & anxiety. i was a cutter, , suicidal, bulimic, pariniod, druggie,drinkin, . labels suck. dont label tayswift cus of her songs. grow up. i get you have an oppinoon but sorry hun not on here. especially when theres fans on here who will DEFEND her. what niw ? i went caps lock on youu. btw not allher music is love & she admits shes far from perfect. her musics her tool to cope with her past. peacee haterss.
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edance123 · 8 years ago
wow, i didn't know someone could be THIS pathetic. how could you hate on her like this? all of her songs are from real life experiences and she is a beautiful and extremely talented person! just because you don't like her music, doesn't mean you have to mock it. im not saying you have to like her music, but you dont have to say this stuff about her when you don't even know anything about her, or where her songs come from. but i can tell you; from her heart.
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555me555 · 8 years ago
This is...
not true
not funny
not worthy of so many faves
plain stupid
the work of somebody jealous of a celebs accomplishments
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ay_baybay · 8 years ago
this is so true. but i still like her. all these people hatin on you need to GET A LIFE and stop caring so much about just ONE of taylor swift's haters. it's not like SHE cares, why should you? kthxbaii
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anonymouswriterxo · 8 years ago
taylor swift is so talented, amazing, beautiful (inside and out) pure, real, did i mention talented & beautiful? your jealous, because shes an AMAZING singer & she writes AMAAAAZING songs, and your mad becayse wish you could be as beautiful & talented as her. your wrong, shes amazing. go hate somewhere else
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carlislecullensdreamdaughter · 8 years ago
a very very Accurate quote :D
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Guardchica06 · 8 years ago
To all the girls calling her a , calling her a doesn't make you better in any way and actually makes you sound like the , and it
Sounds like you girl have an obsession...with a girl. All singers/actors were normal people at some point, she isn't the only one who was ever normal and non-famous her music isn't even country. She doesn't deserve any of those awards sorry if you guys have some weird stalky obsession but this is the truth and ps telling someone to get off witty? Real mature.
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wearemoreannoying · 8 years ago
Jealous much? its low life like you that need to get off witty and stop putting other people (especially superstars) to make yourself feel better. get a life and stop hating on someone who has already made more accomplishments then you will ever make in a lifetime. dont try to comment back. i blocked you.
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tallgreenmonster · 8 years ago
this is so true. all these girls are freaking whining because of it. like get over yourselves. she doesn't need to stfu and if your telling her to go to hell why don't you? huhh. no one said she wasn't talented we just don't like her music. and some people are calling XBabyBlueEyesX a but isn't it a litttle bitchy to call her one? i think everyone needs to calm down. build a bridge and get over it.
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XBabyBlueEyesX · 8 years ago
Ok everyone calm the down. This is a just a quote on a website stating someone's opinion. I'm entitled to have an opinion. Taylor Swift chose to be famous, therefore I'm sure she knows not everybody is going to like her. I'm not the first person to have this opinion and I won't be the last. Oh, and I'm obviously not that outrageous if 400 + witty girls agree with me.
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peace902 · 8 years ago
I agree 100%! shes a stuck up snob and people don't see it cuz she doesn't act like one she just puts it in her songs instead so people wont notice. But in her song better than revenge she says "she's better known for the things that she does on the mattress" so there she is calling someone a
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tashaissocoollike · 8 years ago
You made a quote just to tear down somebody? Thats low.
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_Rhi_ · 8 years ago
you suck.
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portugalstar96 · 8 years ago
First off Taylor Swift us not implying the that boys fall in love with , she never once called herself a saint, and if you actually listened to hersongs, truly listened, you would find all you stated in this quote is wrong and that you have ben in similiar situations,.so do me a favor and next time you think about dissing taylor swift dont because she is a role model and shows that a simple girl can make it big....and also there is absolutely nothing you could say Taylor swift is bad at. So she respects herself , its not a crime....
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duncann98 · 8 years ago
Damn your a b*tch!
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cassidyxohockey · 8 years ago
go to hell.
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_soccerflipper_x · 8 years ago
stfu! Taylor Swift is a talented girl who writes her own songs and composes them. For you to say that, that is really harsh!! SHEESH. Get a friken life off here. YOUR DISGUSTING.
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x0xLaLaLax0x · 8 years ago
to be honest i totally agree with you lmfao.
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