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hey people of witty i need help. 
 i like this kid brandon and were close and we see each other like everyweekend. and we flirt all the time and my friends thinks he likes me. for instance my fam and his fam went to point pleasant last wed night and i brought my friend sydnie along (loveinatrap22) and we all went in the fun house cept for the parents and me and sydnie were holding hands and he grabed my hand & we started holding hands. 
 anyway on to the problem. i told my friend stephanie about the funhouse and all the times we flirt and stuff and its been over a year that we are doing this. she thinks i should tell him i like him. i dunno about that. and im so confuesed the past couple of nights im laying in bed with my ipod playing love songs just thinking about brandon and being in a daze so please people of witty can you please help if you think i should tell him comment and if i shouldnt tell him fav. it'll mean  so much to know that people care. <3 xoxo alyssa

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hey people of witty i need help. i like this kid brandon and

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o0alyssanicole0o · 7 years ago
i told him. he didn't like mee. :/
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xoxpaigexox3 · 8 years ago
wait im a little late, but tell him! he probably likes you and if not him hes missing out.♥
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littlepinkbow5 · 8 years ago
definitley tell him. its 100% worth it(:
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mclaughlins · 8 years ago
i think you should tell him! why fantacise on what could happen, make it reality :)
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MizzMelieG · 8 years ago
Tell Him! :)
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brookeewing · 8 years ago
you should tell him. its could be a summer fling after all (: and it defiently seems like he likes you:D you guys seem like you have reeaallyy good chemistry;] comment if u need any more help on my profile hope i could help though good luck with watever u choose (:
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Whateveryouneed · 8 years ago
Tell him, You'll never know what could happen if you don't take the risk! I'm always here if you need to talk about anything!
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