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I get sexually assaulted by my dad at least once a week.
It's been happening for two years now.
I've never told any my mom,friends, or sister.
He gets meaner every time.
I'm afraid to tell anyone.. because if he found out,,
He'd kill me.
I don't want people's sympathy.
Just listen.
I wish everyday for a dad who cares about me.
For everyone that does,
Don't take that for granted.
Tell him you love him EVERYDAY!
Your so lucky to have that.
But instead I have a dad that when he does this,
He tells me how disappointed he is with me,
How if I was like my sister This wouldn't happen.
I wish i was like my sister.. she is perfect.
Tonight after he did it..
I just 4 deep cuts,
for evry time he said he hates me.
I'm sorry dad,
I love you.


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I get sexually assaulted by my dad at least once a week. It's

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softballrox0771 · 8 years ago
please stay strong and ik ur scared to go to the police but please, it will help they'll save you. please tell someone, your life is in danger
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iwishiwasdifferent · 8 years ago
im crying. im an author, and im currently writing a novel about a girl in a similar (a bit different though) situation. i pray for anyone who has to go through anything like this. please, dont give up hope. youre woth more than this. when you move away, you'll thank god that you didn't kill yourself, because everything WILL get better. i promise.

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xjaseyrae · 8 years ago
I'm so sorry! please stay strong, and if you EVER need ANYONE to talk to, i'm here! xsicklittlegames@live.com.
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jessie1998 · 8 years ago
Im extremely sorry. this made me cry. I'll email you? Pleasse, stay strong ♥
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kebe · 8 years ago
*virtual bear hug*
maybe you should go to the police. i know you probably dont want to, but you should.
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EpicZombie · 8 years ago
Stay strong plz? I swear it will get better.
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