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My 13yrLittle


best friend was talking to me about how the boy she loved dumped her for "some fat cow".
she asked me if that was ever done to me.

I said no worse,
she was pretty, popular, dark

brown silky hair, *blue* eyes, skinny..

but i guess the best thing was she was

a hoe, i was his best friend,

i had his heart for two years, she had his

dick for three weeks,

he screwed up, tried to act like it was no

big deal and he regrets it,

even though he still acts like nothing

happened, he misses me..

and I think about him everyday

The next day, my sister

tells me her best friend

acted as if nothing

happened even though

she was just dumped.

Apparently when she

questioned her, she said

"We didn't really love each

other. I found out there're 

worse things. He dumped

me for her, but at least she

isn't gorgeous, and at least

i won't think about him

everyday, at least he

didn't break my heart.♥

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My 13yrLittle Sister's best friend was talking to me about

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