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Emily9 · 1 decade ago
wow i admire you so much! you're so strong and always making people smile! i love you! stay strong. Make sure you tell it to your parents or a family member im sure they will help you alot ... im here whenever you need me

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crazylovele9 · 1 decade ago
U rlly need to tell someone about this.
is a big thingg and many people just laugh at it (ex. At schhool when someone pokes u and anouthr person screams ). U shld get a pregnancy test and check for stds. It might be eaisier if u tel a friend, and then hv them talk to the guidance consulerr for u, so u don't need to talk till u r forced, then the consuler will call ur parents....I'm here for u. I am sooo sorry, rapists r distgustingg and ugly. (I was reading sum of ur othr quotes so I'm kinda repllying to anothr) ur not ugly they r. I mean who wants to someone ugly;). Sorry. I was hoping u wld smile...fail
Ur not alone
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dreamer25 · 1 decade ago
Stay strong! We wittiers always got your back!
I understand how scared u can get but u need to remember that there are people that care so much for you. If u ever need any help. . . im here:)
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Hailey818 · 1 decade ago
First of all a thing you always have to remember is it's not your fault I have been there before. If you know who they are then tell someone. Or if you don't go to the police and see if the can help and sweety go to the doctor and get checked for any std's that is really important you should have gone a lot sooner but late is better then never. Please turn them in the men that did this to you have no right to be on the streets. They can be doing it to other girls and right I'm going to court to testify. Trust me do it so no one will get hurt. You can email me if you would like and we can talk about it. hailey_bramley@hotmail.com. That is my email address talk to me if you want.
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