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What's A Broken-Heart?<||3

Is it crying on your bathroom floor, gasping for breathe? Telling yourself you're not beautiful or skinny enough? That you need to be "more like her" as you take another razor to your wrist? Is it the fake smiles, that even your reflection in the mirror can't believe in? Laying in bed, blaring the music & eating a whole tub of ice cream while trying to figure out what is so wrong with you? Is it where everything in your body hurts, & you think it's the end of the world?
Yeah, that's heartbreak. Welcome To My Everyday Life.


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What's A Broken-Heart?<||3 Is it crying on your bathroom

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break up

summerlovebby13 · 1 decade ago
thanks( :

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kenz13 · 1 decade ago
Hello there. First off... I want you to know you aren't alone... at all!, but at the same time that doesn't mean you have to be stuck in this rut of heart ache. There are so many people that would love to help you! I for one want to help you. You should tell someone how upset you are including your parents, even if they are the problem. God is out there and he loves you too! If you ever want to talk I'm here. Everyone wants someone to know how they feel, but not everyone is willing to tell someone, but you should! Your parents want you to be happy, even if they can yell or be terrible sometimes. They love you no matter what... if you ever want to talk IM me (soccertiger82). God bless you.
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