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When she comes home;
Her make-up is washed off;
Her jeans are traded for pj bottoms, and her uggs are traded for fluffy socks.
Her hair is scraped back into a messy pony tail.
She inserts a movie into her DVD player;
Even though her vision is blurred from her tears.
She wraps herself into her old quilt,
and cuddles her worn teddy bear close to her chest;
As a small pile of crumpled tissues form beside her.
She'll reach for her ipod, and put on a song by Taylor Swift,
and she'll slowly cry herself to sleep. 

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When she comes home; Her make-up is washed off; Her jeans are

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AReasonToLive · 9 years ago
Can I just say all credit goes to Danielle/ lovelovelovelove.
For the format and most of the quote, she sent me it over msn.
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