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I Need Help.
Please Read.

My friend is completely miserable. They've considered self harm. They feel empty all the time. And lonely. What can I tell them? What can I do? I'm so desperate to help them. I've already done everything. They are putting their trust in me. Their parents aren't an option. What can I do? Someone, please. Help me.
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I Need Help. Please Read. My friend is completely miserable.

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ilyx333 · 8 years ago
tell them, from someone that has been there, it is absolutely not worth it. you will get addicted to it until you can't deal with any emotion without harming. Ask them, do you really wanna be down the road, 20 years later, on your wedding day having to hide scars? Every day I am worried about someone finding out what i've done to myself. it is in no way worth it. tell them, that it will get better, i promise. i was in a really dark place like 2 years ago and started harming, and now i look back at it as one of the biggest mistakes ive ever made. things have looked up a lot now, i'm happier than i ever have been since then. things will get better. i hope everything works out with your friend. stay strong, both of you.<3

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betterthanrevenge97 · 9 years ago
I feel exactly the same way. I'm trapped.
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