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August 25th I met you. You weren't very nice, and I thought you hated me.

September 18th I realized you were attractive.

September 21st I realized I really really liked you.

September 24th I told you I liked you.

September 25th I cried over you for the first time
because you went offline on facebook without saying
goodbye and never came back.

September 26th we considered ourselves "together".

September 29th we had our first kiss. It was my first real kiss.

October 2nd we went on our first date.

October 3rd I missed you like crazy, even though it had only been 24 hours since I last saw you.

Everything was so happy and perfect in between.

December 1st is my last happy memory with you.

December 2nd was miserable.

December 3rd we broke up.

December 3rd I wanted you back.

December 3rd I cried myself to sleep.

December 6th to December 17th was painful.

December 18th to January 3rd was hopeful.

January 4th to January 21st was pretty bad.

By January 27th I was over you.

And by February 7th I had a new crush.

It's February 12th and I'm doing fine. I'm happy and myself again. Took me a while but I'm okay.
It always gets better. Always <3

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August 25th I met you. You weren't very nice, and I thought

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