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Everyone has flaws, but flaws are nature’s way of making you unique.
Imperfection truly is beautiful.
It’s so hard to accept our flaws.
Society these days makes everything so tough.
Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to others; you are so special the just as you are.
If god wanted you to look like all those other girls then he would’ve made you like them.
But most importantly, he didn’t, he made you, you! & that’s what the fantastic part is!
There’s no one out there like you.
You’re your own person, and don’t let others define you!
You need to walk around knowing you’re beautiful because you are.
You need to understand that there is no definition or beauty.
All those magazines with the “perfect hair, perfect skin, the straightest teeth, or the best body,” is absolutely ridiculous.
There’s always been that image of a “perfect” girl.
Media pressures us into thinking that to be pretty you have to fit all those categories.
I promise you that society’s definitions of beauty are not true what so ever.
You’re so beautiful, don’t ever ever forget it! ♥ 

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Everyone has flaws, but flaws are nature’s way of making

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xoeveryonesbeautifulxo · 9 years ago
That just made my day! ♥ You’re so amazing! You’re so perfect just the way you are & don’t ever forget that! Good for you girl! Be proud of that body, you’re so beautiful & don’t need to change! I’m so glad you were inspired :) Your comment made me so happy! Thank you! ♥ :)
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oneCHANCE · 9 years ago
Your amazing.
This really made my day and made me more proud of my body.
Yeah, I may not be the skinniest girl in the world, but God probably didn't want me to be.
Truly inspiring. < 3
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