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you know, its crazy to think that i've spent six months of my life completely head over heels for you. six months of tears, because you had a girlfriend. six months of slim hope, that maybe you would like me back. six months of worry, because i had to primp so much, trying to be good enough for you. six months that i can never get back. i've tried to get over you. that lasted all of 10 minutes. you know why? because that's how long i could think about something other than you. you know what that something was? me. i thought about me. i thought about the A i got on my math quiz and i thought about the three people that complimented me on my outfit that day. i thought about how close i am with my sister and i thought about all of my friends that love me so much. i thought about how my eyes are a nice shade of green and i thought about how i got a lead in the school play. i thought about me, and my life. and you know what? for those 10 minutes, i was sincerely happy.

i would say 'sorry, just venting' but i'm not the slightest bit sorry. i need to get this out and i don't care if you read it, but i just need to have this off me. if you are reading this, you make me so happy.  thank you so much, i love you.
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you know, its crazy to think that i've spent six months of

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love2laugh97 · 9 years ago
love youu too ♥
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3oh3_lovee · 9 years ago
love you baby girll<33
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