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Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration.A Thumbs up or a “you can do it.” The smallest bit of encouragement   can affect someone in such a positive way. So inspire   those around you. Tell     someone that they can accomplish their dreams. Help people find the confidence within them. You never know how far even just a smile can go. :)
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Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration.A Thumbs up or

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xoeveryonesbeautifulxo · 9 years ago
That is such a special thing to do! :) That's so great of you to do. You're really amazing! Keep up the good work! I'm seriously so glad that you're writing these notes because you're going to be such an inspiration! :) & I just wanted to let you know that there's a website about basically what you're doing! It's called operation beautiful. Go to operationbeautiful.com :) The whole point of it is to post inspirational notes in public for other people to see! I've been making operation beautiful for a while now, & honestly it feels great! You should definetly check it out! It's a really amazing site! :)
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There_Is_A_Season19 · 9 years ago
So, my friends & I were sitting at lunch & we decided to do something that I find to be really special. We started this today. --Everyday, each of us will write on a strip of paper "Whoever is reading this: & then an inspirational saying" Today I said Smile, your worth it (: & We shove it in a random persons locker or drop it on the floor & hope someone gets nosy & thinks its a note. So when they pick it up, they will feel good about themselves. This quote reminded me about it. So, I thought I'd let witty know what I was doing to help people feel good about themselvess. It just makes me happy.
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