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I  Loved you....
I Loved you. I loved your hugs. Your kisses. Your smile. You were my whole world. My life. I craved for your touch && just seeing your face made my whole day. You loved me && told me I was   beautiful and gorgeous. You defended me && protected me from any kind of harm. You were sometimes nervous around me and so was I and && I loved that.

But Now...

You go around hugging b*tches. Flirt with girls. Talk sh*t about me behind my back. Dont even call me on my birthday or even try to make up for it by getting me something.&& the worst part is that you  think i dont know. But I do. I know everything. & no i am not a stalker I just like to know what kind of guy you really are. I was blind before.  I wasn't able to see your lies. I wasnt able to see that your heart was ice cold. I was hidden behind all the fake flirting the cute (fake) smiles and hugs.

I Kept Forgiving you....
I kept forgiving all your mistakes thinking that he will learn but i was wrong. You kept hurting me again && again. But i forgave you again &7 again && that was really stupid of me because I dont deserve a guy like you. A guy that is as fake as that B*tches boobs && hair && everything else.

   I'm broken...
Everytime I kept giving you  a little piece of me  turned into a wound && finally broke. I dont think i can take anymore ofyou.  Now finally......

Im done.

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I Loved you.... I Loved you. I loved your hugs. Your kisses.

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