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You would never guess

Andy POV  :

I got home in the best mood and couldn't wait for tomorrow so i could see Amanda again . My mom even noticed i was happier than usual but she didn't bother asking . I walked into the living room sat down and started to watch tv . My phone rang after a few minutes , i didn't know the number but i answered it any way . The person on the phone sounded like they were crying and scared . My heart beat started to speed up .
- H-h-hello uh um i-i-is this A-a-andy ?
- Yah who is this ?
- T-t-this i-is A-amanda's  m-mom .
- Is everything okay ? I asked starting to get really scared .
- W-we got into a c-c-car accident a-and A-a-amanda is is in critical c-condition . I heard her start to cry . I started crying to . I ran to my Mom and told her i was going to the hospital and she asked why and i screamed Amanda . So many things we're going through my head . I never said i loved her . What if she doesn't wake up . The bus was at the bus stop so i didn't have to wait . The hospital was the third stop and it seemed like it took forever . I ran to the front desk and asked where Amanda was they pointed me to the elevator and told me on the fourth floor room 308 . I finally got there and knocked on the door . Amanda's mom was crying , and i got so scared because i thought she was dead . I looked over at the bed . Amanda was there . She looked so helpless . She had needles every where and had a wrap around hear head , and a cast on her right arm . I knew i wasn't going to leave until she woke up . I didn't care if i missed school it all didn't matter to me know . All that mattered was that Amanda woke up and she was okay . A while later some more of Amanda's friends came in crying . The hospital staff came and told us visiting hours were over but i stayed . The staff tried to make me leave but Amanda's mom told them i could stay . I slept there and woke up early in the morning . She still had not woken up . Amanda's mom was still asleep so i walked over to the bed . I looked at her and cried . Why was this happening to her . Everything was so perfect , now it's crushed . I flinched as that word ran through my head . I kissed her cheek making sure i wasn't going to hurt her . I sat back down and cryed .


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