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woww... you know what?
i have a crazy life
and it isn't always the way i want it to be
and sometimes the last thing i want to do is smile
and sometimes i get extremely bored and feel like i have no life
people have entered and left my life in a heart beat
some people have died peacefully
one was killed in an accident
and sometimes i spend alot of time tryin to figure out things that i will never know
and sometimes i do stuff and look back and realize i shouldnt have
but then i also look back
and think of all the good things
the friends ive made and still have
vacations with my family
spending hours with my friends
late night sleepovers and going wild
all the parties i've been to
memories i will never forget
and all the time i've spent rolling on the floor laughing
and i realize that my life may be crazy...
but i love it and wouldnt want it any other way

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woww... you know what?i have a crazy lifeand it isn't always

0 faves · May 20, 2008 11:52am