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& y o u  s e e  h e r  f a l l i n g  f o r  h i m 

j u s t . l i k e . y o u . d i d

but unlike her;

y o u ♥         k n o w 

w h a t       o m e s      n e x t 
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& y o u s e e h e r f a l l i n g f o r h i m j u s t .

292 faves · 2 comments · Dec 17, 2010 9:00pm





break up

marissababy · 1 decade ago
ya thats haooend and i warned the gurl, he cheated on her and she found out but shes still with him!!! >:(
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JPowers1 · 1 decade ago
format credit to stephyx0*
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