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Imagine this...
losing your first love of 2 years due to suicide. Imagine planning a life together with a person who's gone forever. While yours is still here, her's isn't. Her's committed suicide December 1st, 2010 as a sophomore in high school due to teenage depression because of bullying, drugs, and alcohol. Imagine going through loosing a brother, grandon or son at such a young age (16).The boy wasn't even one of those guys that you knew was depressed. He was popular, cute, funny, daring all of the above & more. Imagine a high school full of students and all you could hear are teardrops, cries, and footsteps in the hall. Imagine loosing a player on your team that meant the world. Imagine just loosing someone out of nowhere. That's how last week was. It was a nightmare. I'm not telling you to favorite this or anything... I'm just telling you to not take ANYTHING for granted. It could be gone...

this is an absolute true story.. i would like you to favorite this for kate, his girlfriend... imagine what she is going through right now.


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Imagine this... losing your first love of 2 years due to suicide.

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sammyslam1995 · 9 years ago
i remember on 12/1/10 this girl in my class came in looking like she'd been crying. It was because she was friends with TJ. I didnt kno him but it makes you wonder what it'd be like to happen to you. :/
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xbrittanyx · 9 years ago
steph this is amazing [= and yes krissytinaxo it was the tj from montville.
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cheerchick98 · 9 years ago
i know exatly how she feels, thats how i felt with my bestfriend steven<33
send her my love.
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BabyBlueForYou · 9 years ago
what sucks even more is if he still wanted to live a long happy life. i hate seeing people who take their own life because other people dont have the choice. my friend has cancer and hes fighting for his life. hes such an amazing person.
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krissytinaxo · 9 years ago
if this is the tj from montville...im very sorry. even though i never knew him and dont know kate please send her my love...i can assure you though that everyone from parsippany high school sends all of you guys love <3
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xogrant · 9 years ago
My ex-boyfriends name is Tj, and when I read the bottom I almost cried. Send Kate my sympathy<3
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colormyrainbow · 9 years ago
i KNOW the feeling ; on february 25, 2010 my cousin vanessa committed suicide, she was almost 16, shes was popular,nice, and absoutletly GORGEOUS. R.I.P vanessa </3 love you
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mkylie44 · 9 years ago
My boyfriend also battles depression& he is the popular guy to. I am so scared of losing him. Even though I don't know kate, tell her I'm here if she ever needs to talk my aim is myklie44
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uhhhh* · 9 years ago
almost the EXACT same thing happened in my school just a few weeks ago.. it was so horrible and its awful to think about how it can and does happen anywhere.. such amazing people with everything to lose should never lose what values the most..
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stephyyx0 · 9 years ago
imagine also being mentioned in the suicide note as "the love of his life" and "potential wife". poor kate :(
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