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Untitled(Still need a couple more Ideas so I can decide)
Chapter 3

We were at the mall. We were walking around. And then I spotted a familiar face, I knew I know who he was. I just couldnt speak at that moment. I was too caught up. He was gorgeous. He had an Abercrombie Blue and White flannel on. He had hollister jeans, with Nikes. He looked good. Then it hit me. That was Drew. His brown hair was soo incredibly to die for.( Just imagine Justin Bieber hair but dark) I walked up to him and said "Thanks for being my partner It will help me stay on the squad." i gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran after my friends. I heard him say something so I stopped and turned around
"Anything for the most Gorgeous girl in the world." he repeated
He was so cute. Definitely not like other guys I could tell. He was very down to earth. Cared about girls unlike the jerks in my grade. He was a virgin, as was I. None of my friends were, and I just wanted to wait. I didnt really know his friends that well so I cant say that they have or havent yet. I will only know if I asked him. Right when I thought that I remembered he gave me his number earlier.....

sorry its short and not as colorful as my last story. its not easy to make it all colorful ahha sorry
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Untitled(Still need a couple more Ideas so I can decide) Chapter

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