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to be ALONE is to be DIFFERENT
to be DIFFERENT is to be ALONE

do you agree??? O.o

 if you dont, do something today. reach out to those who seem lonely, who look like they need a friend, a hug, someone to lean one, those who are outcasts, the outsiders, use their clothes as a security blanket just to get thru the day. they're the ones who need someone the most...as well as love. just because they're differnet doesnt mean that they have to be alone. friend them
if you do, comment why. i just wanna kno.

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to be ALONE is to be DIFFERENT to be DIFFERENT is to be ALONE

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Godislove · 9 years ago
Don't think that being different means your alone. BUT i love this! NEVER lose that love for others. Your awesome & if you ever need someone to talk to just ask & I'll be there! Love you! (:
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xXpisces63 · 9 years ago
well..i don't exactly agree or disagree. you're not alone if you're different because there's also alot of other people who are different, just in different ways..so technically..you're different..but the same..? damn you made me think.
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