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 i've been loving you from a distance
I've been loving you from afar.
while I know you're not here in my life
only some heavenly distant Heaven's star.

I know that God has made you
and He's made you just for me.
I feel your love deep within my heart
you are all those special loving parts of me.

I know we've really never spoken
and I know our lips have never even touched.
But I love you more with each passing day
I'm in love with you all that much.

I 've seen only your faceless image
in beautiful dreams I dream of you.
I hope you're seeing and feeling the same
In the same ways I'm feeling you.

Take care my dear for one day I'll see
behind Heaven's Golden Gates
love that will last all eternity.

You might just see me if just only for an instant
the one who's been sending you in loving prayers
Loving dreamt memories of you from a distance, from somewhere. 

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i've been loving you from a distance I've been loving

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