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“Could you imagine you and me?” she asked.
Her nerves were getting to her, but the moment seemed perfect.
She was curious what her question would seem to reflect.
All the meanwhile, she was imagining them taking walks along the beach in the pale moonlight, their love shining so bright.
    She’d be his sunset, he’d be her silhouette.

“If you really try, can you imagine us spending time together, having fun? Laying in the comfortable silence under the sun?” she wondered aloud.
They’d be together, playing games, and counting stars.
Their love for each other strong, deep, and going so far.
    She could be his sunset, and he could be her silhouette.

“I’m not sure if you can,” she said, “but I can see us walking through the park.”
Her heart would belong to him, and their hands would never dare to part.
They would playfully fight, and he would always let her win.
No matter her mood, he could turn her frown into a grin.
    If he would let her be his sunset, he’d be her silhouette.

She inquired, “If we sat together during thunder storms, would you offer to protect me?”
There they would sit, their knees lightly touching.
“If I came crying to you, would you be there? Would you cheer me up by making a fort out of blankets and chairs?” she pondered.
    Her being his sunset, and him being her silhouette.

“Imagine you and me on a walk, the leaves falling all around us,” she described, “it’s freezing cold, but you still give me your sweatshirt without a fuss.”
He sings her favorite song, figuring her out doesn’t take him long.
    And if all of that was true, she’d be his sunset, and him her silhouette.

“We could pass cute notes in class, never having to act as if her were walking on broken glass,” she imagined.
She’d dot her ‘i’s with hearts, and he’d teach her how to play darts.
He would hold an umbrella over her head, and write her notes in red.
    She would make his sun set, and he would draw her silhouette.

There she stood, asking him these questions of great importance, her mind wandering off to places so distant.
She tried be persistent.
All she wanted was for him to love her, and answer all of her ponderings with the right response.
She wanted his arms to be her ensconce.
     She wanted to be his sunset, and she wanted him to be her silhouette.

“Please, answer these questions honestly…” she said, hesitantly.
“Of course I can imagine you and me together, and all I ever wanted was to be with you,” he answered.
“You must not be serious, you’re being absurd…” she said, with much doubt.
“The truth is,” he continued, “I love you.”
    And after all, she became his sunset, and he her silhouette.

Hey, I wrote this for English. Tell me what you think, thanks for taking the time to read this. <3 Love you girls

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Imagine “Could you imagine you and me?” she asked.

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