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30 Days, 30 Letters.

Day 16 - Someone That's Not In Your State/Country.

Dear Person In Another Country,
My name's Lauren. I'm 16. I wonder if you can even read this? Me been English not everyone will be able to. I wonder what your life is like. Tell me about it? Are you poor or rich? Do you go to school? It will be so much different to the schools here in England. It's weird to think there are people out there living their life in a different language. In different conditions. Mainly because I've never lived anywhere other than England. I know this letter is going to sound silly. It's also kind of jumbled so I'm sorry.
Love Lauren x
Dear person in Anothe  
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30 Days, 30 Letters. Day 16 - Someone That's Not In Your

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Athenafollowerx3 · 1 decade ago
Hey im jenna , i live in newyorrrk. Yeah its probably not different here besides the accents(:. Im in the middle class , i live in an expensive neighborhood. Everyone's fake in this town .. including me at times. Were just all in our school. I cant wait for freshman year. no one gives. Im stuck between being a prep or being a skater. I dont know what im doing anymore. Guys suck bottom line .. oh & im 13(: Sorry im complaining so much:/ how's life in England ?
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HeyheyX_mondayy · 1 decade ago
im from the us!!! but its probably not much different here hah
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