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hello, everyone.
i'm a  senior in high school  this year.
----------->     every one of you is complaining about his slow this school year is going.
let  me  just tell you something:
s e r i o u s l y ,       e n j o y     i t     w h i l e     i t     l a s t s.
because i know more than anyone that
it    doesn't    last     forever.
take those goofy pictures,   smile more than you breath.
don't  worry  about perfection.
-don't cry over the seemingly small things,
i know well that those things, next year, won't matter at all
don't wish away your young years.
d o n ' t   d r i n k   t o   f e e l   h o t,           don't smoke to feel cool,
because   when   you're   in   the   same   position   as i am right now,
--------->    you'll thank me for telling you this.
when  you're  filling out application after application to college,
________you'll look back and think:
oh man,       i had some fun.

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hello, everyone. i'm a senior in high school this year. ----------->

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twilightcraz12 · 1 decade ago
im a freshman and im having a hard time finding a good group of friends...i want to be a senior like you and look back at the good times but im trying to find who i want to have them with. how did you get through it?
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Sarahbriskk · 1 decade ago
College Apps :( Very stressful! this quote is so true! enjoy high school while you can
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XxiloveyoubabyxX · 1 decade ago
love it <3
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ifyoureallyknewme_ · 1 decade ago
I'm a freshman, and honestly, this year is going by so fast, almost too quickly. So far, I think this year is going to the best..
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MissAnna · 1 decade ago
oh and at the moment i AM filling out application to application for college. :/
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MissAnna · 1 decade ago
i'm a senior too. thought i was the only one.
high school is a blast.
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cullenwolfgirl1901 · 1 decade ago
aww im a sophmore hah but i love this quote!
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Hesmylife · 1 decade ago
I agree with this 100%.... this is my senior year of highschool to and i have been filling out applications for like 2 weeks now...I miss all the yonger days lol....
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LetitGo · 1 decade ago
i totally understand where you are coming from. my senior year was last year and i cannot tell you how much i wish i could go back and do it all over again. enjoy it now, sooner or later you might actually miss it (:
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