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Okay, so there's this guy.

He and I always talk, we hug everytime we see each other, he always wants me to call him because he wants to "hear my sweet voice", we talk ATLEAST once a day and sometimes he even surprises me by hugging me from behind. I really like him, and he's told my friends that he likes me too and that he would go out with me. But there's one problem, there's another girl. She's always posting on his facebook wall things like "Your Mine<3" and "I Love You(:", and he replies the same. :( So I don't know what to do, try to forget about him, confront him about it, or just keep acting like nothings wrong. Please give me some advice?

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Okay, so there's this guy. He and I always talk, we hug everytime

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summer_sage · 9 years ago
forget him hun... he will be one of those guys that no matter what he will always want the next best thing. i hate to see someone get hurt cuz he seems to be a player. I don't want you to get hurt and it sounds like he is a sweet guy but he seems to be playing you, and thats NOT okay.. i hope your doing alright, if you need anything or just to talk, let me know :)
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